Priestess to the wild feminine

Laura Wolf

Helping soul-driven women

magnetize our deepest desires 

with Love, Pleasure, Joy and Ease


Your feminine essence is your most powerful asset!

Hello Sister...

Are you feeling relaxed, open, deliciously alive and totally in love with life?

As a soulful woman who’s already done a lot of work on yourself, I’m guessing your life is WAY better than it used to be and that you try to be grateful for it every day.  

But are you finding that you feel stressed out, over-scheduled, overwhelmed and "too-tired-to-have-sex" too much of the time?

All of that going and doing and striving to make sh*t happen gets exhausting after a while.  It steals our joy.  It creates tension and anxiety in our bodies that turns into inflammation, digestive and reproductive troubles, insomnia, exhaustion, brain fog, and other forms of body breakdown. It even kills our sex drive. I know.

Four years ago, I was totally living the masculine approach to life.  As a single mom and entrepreneur, I was constantly working, going and doing.  I felt anxious most of the time, got sick every couple of months and my sex drive was seriously waning.  I was so exhausted I couldn’t even conjure up the energy to make things happen with my business at that point.  My body simply wouldn’t let me.  I seriously needed to slow down and learn new ways of being and doing. 

So I began studying the energetic systems of the feminine body and the feminine creation process.

through coaching, courses & retreats, I help women

  • Unconditionally love yourself and your amazing body
  • Feel relaxed, radiant, energized and deliciously alive
  • Channel love and pleasure into every aspect of your life
  • Magnetize your deepest desires with joy and ease (instead of working hard to make sh*t happen)
  • Know without a doubt what a powerful Creatrix you are!

NOW It's your turn, sister. learn more about working with me


WildWoman Retreats

Conscious Creation Courses

Conscious Creation Courses

If you long for community and you're ready for deep transformation, attend one of my WildWoman Retreats.


Conscious Creation Courses

Conscious Creation Courses

Conscious Creation Courses

My most potent group courses run up to 12 months for the best results.


Private Coaching

Conscious Creation Courses

Private Coaching

I work with a select group of women one-on-one each year to help them create the life of their dreams.



Jessica Burgess, Sales Manager

“Before I started working with Laura, I was really struggling with processing my own emotions, being in my masculine, living outside of my body and upsets with my partner and mother. Now, I’m truly in my power. Laura taught me how to use breathing and feminine embodiment practices to surrender into my feminine, respond rather than react, practice radical self responsibility and work with my inner child. My life has been changed in the most beautifully powerful ways and I’m ecstatic! I will forever be grateful to the universe for connecting me to Laura.”


Jordan Ryan, Yoga Teacher

“Our work together has been healing and profound.  Thank you for the transformational space you hold. Thank you for your sensuality, your embodiment, your bigness, your aliveness. For not lending me your wings but helping me build mine. For calling me out where I am playing small, celebrating me when I soar, leading the way with curiosity, presence, acceptance, and Love when I forget.”


Lynelle Pierce, Clinical Nurse Specialist

“A huge benefit that has come out of working with Laura is the impact that it’s had on my two adult daughters.  They have told me how they see the difference in me, how much I’ve grown and radiate. They use that word, 'You radiate, Mom.  You rock this!'  And now they are stepping into their own power.  By working these practices, coming into my feminine, getting out of my head, softening and flowing, I have received so much more improved physical health. I am sleeping so much better.  I don’t have all this tension in my head and neck and jaw. This work is such a safe place to explore who you truly are and let that real you come out and love her and be loved by a circle of women. It’s been a beautiful experience!”


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