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By my early 40's, I burnt myself out pretty bad ...

As a single mom and soul-driven entrepreneur dedicated to empowering others, I was working, going and doing all the time.  I saw clients during the day while my son, Ryland, went to school. After school, we did homework, soccer, dinner, dishes, bath and bedtime stories. After Ryland went to bed, I took on-line classes to learn how to grow my soul-centered business. I often worked on my computer til midnight and then I was too wired from staring at screens to go to sleep.

I felt anxious a lot of the time, got sick every couple of months and my sex drive was seriously waning. I was just too tired and wired to relax into making love. I later learned that, biologically speaking, it’s really hard for women to feel turned on when we’re stressed and depleted. 

My Naturopath looked at my bloodwork and said, “You’re burnt out. You’ve been running on adrenaline for too long and it’s ravaging your body.”  She was right. I was so exhausted I couldn’t even conjure up the energy to make things happen with my business at that point.  My body simply wouldn’t let me.  

Laura Wolf in the woods

I seriously needed to slow down and learn new ways of being and doing.

So I began sitting in women’s circles, studying how the feminine body actually works, and learning simple practices that help me to release anxiety, soften into my feminine essence and activate my own life force energy. Today I am grateful for the health crisis I had in my early 40’s that sent me on a journey to find healthier, happier, more satisfying ways of living, loving, parenting and running my business.

In the last four years, I have completely changed how I do life. For starters, I stopped working hard all the time to make things happen through the mighty will of my masculine.  Instead, I do simple practices every day that help me to soften into my feminine essence, amplify my bliss and align my energy with my soul’s desires. I feel relaxed, energized and truly joyful most of the time.  My libido came back!  And I trust the Universe to bring me everything I need. 

I can tell you that based on my own experience, and the experience of women in my community, this is a far easier and far more enjoyable way to live!

Some deeper insight into my journey . . .

I started my path when my son, Ryland, was 6 months old.

After many years of talk therapy, I still struggled with depression and anxiety on a regular basis. I chronically  created dysfunctional relationships with unavailable men, driven by my desperation to feel loved; all while juggling 4 or 5 part-time unfulfilling jobs because I didn’t feel worthy of doing what I loved or of having abundance in my life. I thought I was broken.


Worse than my own unhappiness, I knew I was setting a terrible example for my son, Ryland.  I didn't want him to grow up seeing me depressed and broke, not living up to my full potential.  I knew if I stayed that way, it would severely limit what he would think was possible.

Laura Wolf and her son Ryland at 6 months old

So I began a journey to learn how to love myself and find my purpose.

I immersed myself in the shamanic path, where I dove deep into healing my Inner Child, owning and integrating my Shadow, developing a profound relationship with Source and discovering my purpose.  In 2007, I began teaching and sharing my message: “Come home to your body. Love yourself. We have the power to heal ourselves and heal the world”

Then, in 2015, I experienced the shattering of my heart - the end of a nine-year relationship. The loss of that relationship and everything that I had made it mean rocked me to my core. I literally lay on the floor of my healing room, sobbing my guts out, as wave after wave of grief wracked its way through my body. I felt broken, ashamed, pathetic. How had I created this? What was wrong with me? I wondered if my heart would ever heal. 


The utter vulnerability of that shattering led me into some of the most important expansion of my life thus far.


I learned how to stay exquisitely present, moment by moment, 

to whatever was arising with me. 

I softened into my Feminine and let go of survival patterns of constantly working hard to make things happen through the mighty will of my Masculine. 

I transformed tons of limiting beliefs and learned how to consciously create my reality instead of letting my past determine my future.  

I finally discovered how to play and live in the flow of joy and ease!

Today I love supporting women in coming home to our amazing bodies, loving ourselves unconditionally, deepening our relationship with the Divine Feminine and owning our infinite power to consciously magnetize our deepest desires with ease and flow.

Laura's Bio

Laura Wolf is Priestess, Teacher, Coach and Leader in the emerging paradigm of feminine embodiment, feminine empowerment and feminine wisdom.   Founder of Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary, the WildWoman Retreats, and several live and on-line courses, Laura serves clients from all over the world.  Her work is embodied, energetic, empowering, practical, mystical and life-changing.  She works with the body, mind, emotions, energy and spirit – because alignment of all parts of you is required if you want to create the life of your dreams.

Laura holds a Master’s Degree in Shamanic Intuitional Practices, a Doctorate of Ministry in Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Studies and she is a Master Facilitator of Shamanic Breathwork®.  Shamanic Breathwork® is a registered trademark of Laura's mentor, Linda Star Wolf.

Laura has studied with many of the leading embodiment, intimacy and consciousness teachers of our time:  Linda Star Wolf, Joe Dispenza, Abraham-Hicks, Gay & Katie Hendricks, Claire Zammit & Katharine Woodward Thomas, Craig Hamilton, Jeff Foster, Matt Licata, Raphael Cushnir, Derek Rydall, Rikka Zimmerman, John Wineland, Lisa Citore, Sofia Sundari, Jumana Sophia, Mama Gena, Rima Bonario, Sierra Sullivan and Dakota Chanel. 

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