Priestess to the Wild Feminine

Coaching With Laura

Helping soul-driven women 

magnetize our deepest desires 

with love, pleasure, joy and ease.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

As a soulful woman who’s already done a lot of work on yourself, I’m guessing your life is WAY better than it used to be and that you try to be grateful for it every day. 

But are you finding that you still feel stressed out, anxious, irritable, "triggered", overwhelmed or "too-tired-to-have-sex" too much of the time? 

If you've been working hard all your life to make stuff happen and you're damn good at that, but you're getting pretty tired of living that way, you’re in the perfect place to start learning about how to create from your feminine essence.

Learning about this was HUGE for me! I had been using my masculine capacities for most of my adult life to make stuff happen - and eventually I burnt myself out pretty bad that way.

Does this resonate with you?

  •  You’re tired of having to work so hard all the time.  You wish you had more time to just relax, play, have fun with loved ones – and be able to trust that the important things will still get done.  You’re concerned that if you stopped working so hard that everything would come crashing down around you. 
  • You hold a lot of tension and/or anxiety in your body. It’s showing up as aches and pains, digestive or reproductive troubles, insomnia, exhaustion, brain fog, low or no sex drive and other forms of body breakdown.
  • You criticize yourself in your head a lot. You'd like to feel more self-love, self-acceptance, self-confidence and inner peace.
  • You feel frustrated with or disappointed in men - wishing they would step up so you could relax and let go for once and be able to trust that they would handle things.  
  • You're experiencing conflict, triggers, upsets, irritability and power struggles with your loved ones.  You want to create more harmony in your relationships. 
  • Your sexual energy is waning - or perhaps you have a higher sex drive than your partner.  Either way, you long for more intimate connection.
  • You want to contribute to the world in a profound  way AND have an abundant life with more ease and flow. You sense that SO MUCH MORE is possible through you and you are ready to become the Conscious Creatrix that you came here to be! 

I work with a select group of women each year though in-person women’s circles, on-line courses, and private coaching.  I come from a background in yoga, breathwork, meditation, recovery from addictions, tantra, shamanism and trans-personal psychology.  My work is embodied, energetic, empowering, practical, mystical and life-changing.  We work with your body, heart, mind, emotions, energy and spirit – because alignment of all parts of you is required if you want to create the life of your dreams.

My purpose is to create a world in which women feel relaxed, radiant and deliciously alive in their bodies.

A world in which women love themselves unconditionally and see all other women on the planet as their sisters.  I want you to know how to channel love and pleasure into every aspect of your life.  I want you to feel completely loved and supported by Source, always. And I want you to know in every cell of your body what an incredibly powerful Creatrix you are – that you can use your thoughts, emotions, vibration and actions to create the life of your dreams with joy and ease. 

The Dali Lama is often quoted as saying, “Western women will save the world.”

I desire all of this because I believe that when women feel healthy, happy, vibrant, alive, connected to Source, connected to each other, connected to the Earth, and knowing how powerful we are, then we create families, businesses, educational environments, food, financial systems, and social systems that serve the well-being of all beings everywhere.

As you know, real and lasting change is not a one-shot deal.

This kind of transformation requires practice, patience with yourself, support, accountability, and a willingness to keep showing up. I work with women across many time zones via video conference, or in person if you live in the Greater Kansas City/Lawrence/Topeka area. We work with transmuting past wounding, releasing stuck energy from your body, changing limiting beliefs and rewiring your nervous system, forgiveness of self and others, unconditionally loving yourself, learning how to live deeply rooted in your feminine body, setting healthy boundaries, speaking your truth, owning and embodying your power, accessing joy, prioritizing relaxation and pleasure, deepening your relationship with Source, and creating your life with ease and flow (instead of stress and struggle). 

If this kind of deeply embodied and transformational work calls to you, please contact me to schedule a complementary discovery session.  We will chat about your dreams and highest vision for your life, what may be getting in your way, and how I may be able to support you.  You can ask any questions you have about me and we will determine together if it seems like a fit to work together.  I mentor women for a minimum of six months* so that you can create real and lasting changes in your life.  

Use the link below to send me an email describing your biggest challenge right now and what you have already tried to shift it. Also, let me know the end result you are looking for. Please include the best days/times that you are available to connect with me by phone or video.  You'll want to have privacy for about an hour so we can get real about what's going on for you, without worrying about family or co-workers overhearing you.  

*If you are not ready to have support and accountability in your life, then now is not the time to do private coaching with me, but you may be ready to come to a WildWoman retreat and start to receive the blessing of sisterhood in your life.  Either way feel free to send me an email to introduce yourself or subscribe to my newsletter so you can receive free teachings and meditations, and learn about up-coming events and classes. 


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